Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something Extra VI

I have really been neglectful in reporting my thoughts on the challenges from "52 Weeks to Better Genealogy" from Facebook. This request of reporting is for those who have genealogy blogs after we try out the challenge. I have found that I am not as charmed by the most recent challenges. # 12 was to check sites about the Society of American Archivists...which I did and actually found an interesting article on how to donate diaries, memoirs, letters, etc that may have historical information and to whom. I have been wondering what to do with Lillian's Diaries once they are all transcribed and this answered alot of my questions. Challenge # 13 was to visit Cyndi's List for Genealogy which I do on a regualr basis anyway. I did try using a new surname for the search - The Westbergs- which is my maternal grandmother's maiden name. My mom has just finished the Westbergs as far back as she could and I was looking for a bit of information that would be new for her....unfortunately I didn't find anything. Challenge #14 was to use the search engines,, and  I again used the surname Westberg for a search on each of them (the first ten pages) and was unable to find any information I could use and was unable to find how to get a translated page on any of them as most of the information was in Swedish. So think for the moment I will stick with Google & Yahoo.

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