Monday, March 29, 2010

Life On The Farm

Sunday, March 29, 1925: A very nice day. We all went to town to church. Then staid up to Aunt Annie’s to dinner. Saturday was a Perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky. Did up the work in the forenoon.That afternoon Dad, Ma, & I went to town. A great many people in town. I bought a new hat*. It is sort of a pinkish color with lots of flowers. Quite gay. Friday was colder. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s that eve.

Thursday was another lovly day, Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie went out to Apple River and brought the Aunts along in. We made some garden. Got Dad to spade some out by my asparagus and onion bed. Sowed lettuce, radish, a little early cabbage and put in a few onion sets. We also raked lawn and etz. Well, on Wednesday we all went to town with two cars. Roads very good in some places. Others not so good but nearly all dried up. A beautiful very warm day.

Tuesday it rained some about noon but a lovly afternoon. Len went to Scales Mound today. Ironed and baked a cake. I raked a little yard. Monday was another lovly day. We washed.

Sunday, all but Dad went out for a walk in the forenoon. It was the most beautiful day. That afternoon Dad, Ma & I went up to Tresidder’s. From there Dad & Ma went up to Aunt Annie’s and I came home. Aunt Annie was down to Tresidder’s too.

* Which one of the hats above do you think Lillian's new hat looked like?

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