Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Extra V

Yesterday was like Christmas.....a very big gift arrived via a pdf file! The book that I found on arrived from Western Michigan's Archives and Research Center. If it wasn't for the "52 Weeks To Better Genealogy Challenge" on Facebook I never would have known about WorldCat. and without World.Cat I never would have been able to find the book and have it delivered to my home via email? Don't you love to learn new things and move forward with your genealogy when you least expect to?

My French is not what it was in high school, but the resources used for Helen Trudgian's thesis is in English....and I am amazed at how many resources from the sixteenth and seventeenth century  she found to support her work on the Trudgians.

There is even another section in English that recounts some incidences where Francis Tregian (Trudgian) was suppose to have performed miracle healing! "History of One English Family of the 16th Century: The Trudgian" should prove to be interesting reading once it is translated!

Check out "52 Weeks To Better Genealogy Challenge" and see what you can find out about your family tree.

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