Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow, rain and a strange visitor

Sunday, February 22, 1925: It was cloudy, foggy and rainy today. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner with the car. Rained quite hard this eve. Saturday was warm and cloudy. Did the usual Sat. work.

Friday Len, Ruby & I went up to Aunt Annie’s in the eve. As we were going cars were coming from all directions going to a big dance at Temperly’s. Thundered and lightening after we came home but did not rain. Thursday we had ironed and sewed some.

Wednesday, we washed. Ruby & I each made a dust cap that evening. Knucky called and paid his interest. Tuesday, Mr. & Mrs. Stauss came down in the morning. Len & Ruby took them to town with the car. Had a late dinner when they got home. About eleven thirty a man came asking for something to eat and for coffee. So we gave him some dinner. As he wasn’t dressed bad I thought he might offer to pay for it but he just thanked us. Wanted to get work on the new road.

Monday it was snowy most of the day. Quite cold. We sewed some & etz. Sunday was beautiful weather in the forenoon. Cloudy in the afternoon and snowy that evening. Cars were buzzing along the road. Dad, Ma & I went up to Aunt Annie’s that afternoon. Came home after supper. Ruby and Len went up to Scales Mound in the afternoon with the car. Just four years ago was our sale. It doesn’t seem so long ago.

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