Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dubuque, Digging and Death

Saturday April 18, 1925: Dad, Ma, Ruby & I went to town this afternoon. Before we came home we drove over to Tippet’s on Park Ave., thinking Uncle Edd and the Aunts were there getting ready for the Snows, Mattie and Grandpa to come home. Snow was going to meet them about 200 mi down state with the car. They were there already. Got home about twelve oclock. Today is Grandpa Tippet’s ninetieth birthday. Saw Mary and the children. Stormy after we got home but didn’t rain very much. Friday all felt tired. Baked and etz. Thursday morning Sally had six little puppies out in the summer kitchen. Len & Ruby drowned four and left two. Then Friday morning they drowned one more.

Thursday’s morning about eight thirty the Stauss came on their way to Dubuque. So we jumped in our clothes, put together some lunch and went. We met Stauss in town. Went thro Menominee. Ate our dinner before we got to East Dubuque. About eleven thirty we got there. Well, Ruby got a hat and I a dress. Paid twelve dollars for it. An odd dress and odd color. Yellowish brown. Mother got a brown coat. Mrs. Stauss got a coat and dress. Edna a coat and hat & Eloise a hat. They went home by Hazel Green & New Diggings. Wednesday, morning all but Mother went to town. Ruby had Dr. Stone fill our teeth for her. I had one pulled - upper right side next to the wisdom tooth. It didn’t hurt but it was a terror to pull. Broke up so. And the roots was hooked. Came right home. Hurt awfully this afternoon. Some easier this eve. Mother & Ruby tore off the paper in Ruby’s room this afternoon.

Tuesday I worked about the car in the afternoon. Mother and Ruby made a little more garden. Edna Stauss went along to Galena with J. Virtues. They stopped. They, Raymonds & Mr. & Mrs. Stauss want to go to Dubuque some day soon. Said Len could ride along or take his own car and go along. Monday we washed. Aunt Margaret came down. The others had gone to town. They came down this evening. Last Sunday was Easter. A most beautiful day. Very warm and roads very dusty. We all went to Galena to services that morning. The church was full. Had to use chairs. Mr. & Mrs. Jack Combellick’s five week old baby girl had died Friday and was buried from the house at one oclock. Mrs. Whitham’s funeral was at three on Easter afternoon. We didn’t have any company that day.


  1. The Edna Stauss in this post was my 5th Grade teacher at the Elizabeth Public Schools in Elizabeth 33 years later during the 1957-1958 school year! She was married to Raymond Stauss, Len's brother. She was a kindly old lady by the time she taught me in school, but I will never forget when she had us do a quick multiplication test at the beginning of the school year to see how much we had retained over the summer from our 4th Grade year she told me, "I know you can do better than this!". It affected me so much that I made a determined effort to relearn my multiplication tables and never had a problem with multiplication again! Her daughter by this time was the 2nd Grade teacher in Elizabeth, so we had a mother/daughter pair of teachers in our school.

  2. So Pat... I am trying to keep track of all the family trees within Lillian's Diaries. As to the Stauss family
    Sophia Sach married __________ Stauss and had
    Leonard who married Ruby and Raymond who married Edna and any other children?

    Thanks for commenting. Your comments always extends the interest of the readers.

    Take Care,

  3. I'm not that familiar with the Stauss family. All I know is that Raymond and Leonard were brothers. No other siblings I know of. Edna and Ray had one daughter, Eloise, as I mentioned, who also taught school in her mother's shadow, but checking my yearbooks she didn't show up at the Elizabeth Schools until 1959-60. I was only three years off, but she and her mother did teach in the same school together. I mention it only because I remember her when I was in school. Eloise had no children that I know of. The Stauss line ended with her.

    I'm just name dropping~ I know many of th people in these diaries, so I just have to make comments to sound important! Some of these entries hit pretty close to home for me.

    It's great that you were able to find Lillian's "lost" diaries! Good old Janet Temperly came through yet again! She was the source for 80% of my John Dittmar family information in my Dittmar history.