Monday, October 19, 2009

Schapville Zion Presbyterian Church

Tue 19, 1926: Dad, Ma and Len went to town this forenoon. This afternoon we took up carrots and beets and also made bread. Len & Ruby went up to Scales Mounds to help celebrate Mrs. Stauss’ birthday*. It was rainy this eve.

On Monday, Mother and Ruby finished digging the potatoes, even Dad dug a few. We also put up the basket of grapes we got over in Dubuque.

Sunday was the dedication of the Zion Presbyterian Church addition at Schapville* today. All but Dad went out in the afternoon. There was a big crowd there. Uncle Edd and the Aunts [Annie, Tillie, Maggie] were there. Also Uncles Ben, George, Dan, Henry & Joe Dittmar with their families came. The church served dinner to a large crowd. It was cool and cloudy today.

* The Stauss family was much more inclined to celebrate birthdays it seems. There are multi entries in the second volume of Lillian’s Diaries of either Ruby and Len going to Scales Mounds for a celebration or Mr. & Mrs. Stauss coming to the Trudgian house.

* “According to the 1855 and 1856 the General Assembly referred to this church as Zion Presbyterian Church. The deed is dated May 15, 1861 and bears the name,"Old School Presbyterian Church of Mill Creek." In 1925, the church was incorporated and given the official name of "The Schapville Zion Presbyterian Church." even though it is listed as being in Elizabeth, IL.
Source: the history section of the Schapville Zion Presbyterian Church's website [check my "Links I think you will like" for a more detailed history.]

My great-great grandmother and grandfather – William and Anna (Winter) Kloth and Anna’s parents are buried in this church’s cemetery.


  1. The Zion Presbyterian Church in Schapville was founded in 1854 with the help of Erhardt Dittmar I, who provided logs from his property to build the first log structure church (the building that is standing today was built many years later). Erhardt I lwas a deacon of this church and later became an Elder, as did his son Erhardt II (my great-grandfather). The church was pretty much the Dittmar family church and still remains so. The Erhardt I Dittmars are buried in its cemetery, as are the Erhard II Dittmars and the John Dittmars (Lillian's family line). The church may be located in Schapville, but Schapville's post office is Elizabeth. Hence, it has an Elizabeth address.

  2. I am glad to see that this little church has its own website and a pastor who is willing to keep it up. It is a beautiful little spot in a very small town. It is easy to picture Schapville at the beginning of the 20th century. It is worth a visit if you are interested in country churches and, as Pat said, Dittmar history. We didn't pay much attention to other headstones while we were up there. Sorry.