Friday, October 23, 2009

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Sat. October 23: Dad, Ma & I went to town this afternoon. It started to rain soon after getting to Galena so we didn’t stay long. We got home before roads got slippery. It was rainy tonight.

As usual on Friday we were busy baking and ironing the rest of the clothes left from yesterday. We also made some grape juice. I wanted to go up to Aunt Annie’s that evening but rained a little so I staid at home.

Thursday we washed. I pickled* some wild grapes late in the afternoon for juice or jelly. I started to ironed some yet Thursday evening.

Ruby, Ma & I went out to Schapville on Wednesday to the mission feast in the afternoon. There were not as many there as on Sunday. Uncle Edd and the Aunts were out there also.

* Does anyone have a recipe for pickling grapes for jelly? There are none in Lillian's cookbooks.

It really seemed to rain alot in the Galena area. When I first started transcribing Lillian's Diaires: Whispers From Galena's Past I toyed with naming the book Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall. The weather did have an impact on so much of their lives.

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