Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

Saturday, June 20, 1925: It is a beautiful clear day. Len & Ruby went to town tonight. Uncle Henrys were to town today and stopped down the road awhile. Friday we were busy baking and etz. It was a lovly day.

Thursday we all went to Dubuque. It was a lovely day. Mother and Ruby each got a black silk dress. Ruby got several teeth filled. It was about seven thirty when we got home. On Wednesday, Dad, Len, & Ruby went to town in the afternoon. We had intended to go to Dubuque but had a storm & heavy rain during the night. Aunt Annie came down with them to stay all night as Uncle Edd didn’t come home this evening.

Tuesday, we washed and ironed and baked bread and put up strawberries. Len & Ruby went to the Mound that evening. Monday it stormed nearly all night. There was a great deal of thunder & lightening and heavy rain. We didn’t get much sleep. In the afternoon we picked eleven quarts of strawberries. Also picked them off and washed and put sugar on them. Sunday we all went to town to church in the forenoon. It rained a little shower that afternoon. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down in the evening, but went home early as it threatened to storm.

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