Monday, May 31, 2010

Snow and Sleet in May ~ Wish I Was There!

Sunday May 31, 1925: We all went to town to church and took our dinner along. We ate it in the park. Then we went to see the new road. They have it all graded from Les Eustice’s east. They are laying cement on the top of Nolin’s Hill. We had a notion to go to Rob Virtue’s from there and started, but the road looked so hilly we turned around again. Then we went east on Elizabeth Road thro Glen Hollow, Long Hollow and up Snip Hollow to the Ridge Road and then home. It was very warm . That eve we all went up to Aunt Annie’s.

Saturday, Decoration Day*. We didn’t know if we should go to Schapville or to Galena to exercises. So went to Galena this afternoon but not many people to the exercises. This forenoon Jeffery, the Ford salesman, called here with a new sedan he was demonstrating to another fellow for us to look over. Then he would have me drive it so I drove up to Ford School and back. He, Dad, Len & the other fellow rode along. On Friday we baked bread, coffee cake & a cake. Dad, Len & Ruby went to town in the forenoon. Three- thirty or more when they got home. Len bought a new suit but left it in to be pressed. It was a navy blue one.

Thursday was a very nice day. Mother sowed some more garden stuff. Ruby baked cookies in the afternoon. I found a strawberry nearly ripe a surprise! Wednesday we ironed. Uncle Edd sheared the sheep. He had sheared Bert Weis’ sheep in the forenoon. Aunt Annies came down. Tuesday we washed and baked bread and also made biscuits & cream pies and cream puffs. There was a Sunday School Convention at Galena Methodist Church for two days. Raymond & Elma went in on Tuesday morning. I talked with them.

Monday was still cool. We had a hard frost during the night which froze potatoes corn and etz. I painted some of the porch screens in the afternoon. Mother cleared out the kitchen cabinets. Sunday it had hailed, sleeted & snowed in the morning and surely was cold enough. I was very glad to have the dining room stove up yet. It was too cold to go outside. The weather cleared off after the snow. That afternoon Len, Ruby & I went up to Stauss’. This eve Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down.

* Decoration Day is our Memorial Day and the exercises are what we would call the program of speakers, singers, etc.

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