Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wallpapering Again?

Saturday May 16, 1925:  Rainy today. So we didn’t go to town as we had intended. We needed the rain badly. Besides doing our Saturday work we papered some. On Friday Aunt Mag & Till rode in to Aunt Annie’s with Hernillers this afternoon. Uncle Edd brought the Aunts down. We baked bread, coffee cake, drop cakes and a cake. Also papered some.

Thursday we tore off paper in the bedroom getting ready to paper. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down in the eve. Had our first lettuce. Wednesday, Dad, Ma, Ruby & I went up to the school picnic today*. Miss Ahler, was the teacher this year. Sixty three were there. A nice time with lots of ice cream.

* Lillian and Ruby attended Ford School (pictured on top). The classroom photo is from 1911 courtesy of  Jean Schultz and her mother Coletta (Weis) Schultz of Galena. Coletta lived near Lillian at the Weis' property next door. Lillian is the first child in the back row to the right of the teacher. This might of been Lillian's last year of school.


  1. The girl in the back row on the right of the teacher is Helen Weis. The girl on the teacher's left is Lillian.

  2. Thanks for the Helen Weis identification.. Lillian was identified before, but when I looked at her this morning she is me as a little girl! I never noticed that before!